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Apply Dr.YOUTH Aroma Roll-on Oil to your philtrum and on your mask! and breathe cool and light!

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Have you ever feel so tired of wearing a mask on every single day?

I know how struggle it is!

The scent of Dr.YOUTH Aroma Roll-on Oil is very aromatic! Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Sweet orange.

There are 3 types Dr.YOUTH Aroma Roll-on Oil.

You have 3 options to choose!

Simply apply Dr.YOUTH Aroma Roll-on Oil onto your mask where the nose will be placed.

The aroma scent will give you a fresh feeling.

It will make you breath lighter and cool.

You can apply Dr.YOUTH Aroma Roll-on Oil anywhere and anytime.

Since the size of the bottle is 15ml, you can bring the oil anywhere you go!

This Dr.YOUTH Aroma Roll-on Oil gave me a good

sweet flower scent and made me feel happy!

Try Dr.YOUTH Aroma Roll-on Oil before you wearing a mask!

It can be the best mask filter!

There are lot of mask filters on the market.

But those mask filters are made with paper, a bit of plastic and other chemicals added.



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